Our mission has always been very simple and very fair.  We strive to level the playing field when it comes to insurance claims.  Too often  property owners and small businesses are put into a battle for payment of their insurance claim, against a huge insurance company that has virtually unlimited resources and a complete understanding of insurance law and your insurance policy.

On the other side, homeowners and businesses with limited time and resources are left alone to fight for their claim, with virtually no understanding of insurance law or their insurance policy. 

Without an insurance lawyer on their side who fully understands their insurance policy and the laws regarding the claims process, some claimants fall victim to questionable strangers who approach them at their home or business, stating that they can help with the insurance claim.  Many of these strangers are untrustworthy and attempt to have you sign documents without having an attorney explain them to you.  Our firm gives you the better alternative...experienced attorneys who know the insurance laws and claim process.